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Please contact Chris Oradat if you would like to maintain the VenturingTrax spreadsheets






Bronze, Gold, and Silver

VenturerTrax v1.3 - Microsoft Excel version
(Updated 07-13-2008)

VenturerTrax v1.3 - OpenOffice Calc version
(Updated 07-13-2008)

by Frank Steele





Sea Scout Rank Advancement
Note: this new version work with both Excel AND OpenOffice Calc.

SeaTrax v1.5
(Updated 04-17-2009)

by Frank Steele





Ranger Award

RangerTrax v1.3 - Microsoft Excel version
(Updated 07-14-2008)

RangerTrax v1.3 - OpenOffice Calc version

(Updated 07-14-2008)

by Frank Steele





Quest Award

QuestTrax v1.1 - Microsoft Excel version
(Updated 07-14-2008)

QuestTrax v1.1 - OpenOffice Calc version

(Updated 07-14-2008)

by Frank Steele





Trust Award

TrustTrax v1.1 - Microsoft Excel version
(Updated 07-13-2008)

TrustrTrax v1.1 - OpenOffice Calc version

(Updated 07-13-2008)

by Frank Steele


ZIP decompression tool. These spreadsheets are ZIP COMPRESSED to facilitate quicker downloads. After downloading, the resultant file needs to be de-compressed on your workstation. If you do not have a Zip decompression tool available, click here to download WinZip.

Microsoft Excel version: The spreadsheets have been tested on both Macintosh (OS 7.5 and later) and on Windows 95/98/2000, XP, and Vista machines. They have been tested with versions of Excel from 5.0 and later.  Please note that these spreadsheets are not compatible with Microsoft Works. If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice contains a free spreadsheet that is about 90% compatible with Microsoft Excel. OpenOffice is a free download from Sun Microsystems on the Internet.

OpenOffice Calc version: If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice contains a spreadsheet program called Calc that will work with the OpenOffice version of the software. The entire OpenOffice suite is a free download from Sun Microsystems on the Internet. This suite contains not only Calc, but also a word processor, a database, and a graphical presentation program. Click to download either the Windows version and the Mac version. Note: the Mac version of OpenOffice will only run on OS X.

PLEASE NOTE! More specific information on using and customizing the spreadsheet is contained in the spreadsheet's Instructions worksheet. Please read this page before you begin using the spreadsheets!




Frank Steele of Troop 615, Coastal District, Bay Area Council of League City, TX is solely responsible for the VenturingTrax series spreadsheets and their support. The BSA does not endorse, support, or in any way acknowledge them.

If you need help, please don't hesitate to e-mail me, but before you do, please be sure that you have first read the Instructions page within the spreadsheet and then checked the Troubleshooting & FAQ page on this website thoroughly. I have found that almost all problems can be solved by simply reading these two documents. To be honest, I get very frustrated with users that take up my time sending me e-mails asking me for help in doing things that I've already covered on the Instructions page, or on the Troubleshooting & FAQ page (or both).

If, however, you want to simply drop me a note of 'thanks,' I'm always open to that (smile).

Also, feel free to drop me an e-mail with any suggestions that you'd like to see in upcoming revisions. I promise, I will consider what you write. Many of the features you now find in these spreadsheets are a direct result of previous users sending me suggestions. However, please don't get offended if I don't use your suggestion.



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