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Used for helping track popcorn sales at the individual, unit, or district level. I didn't write this tracker, but it is such a slick tracker and a wonderful and unique tool that I felt obligated to include a link to it from this site.

Popcorn Tracker 2012 v1.0
(Released August 15, 2012)
2012 -
a service of Scouting The Web Services

by The ScoutingTheWeb Popcorn Kernel




ZIP decompression tool. These spreadsheets are ZIP COMPRESSED to facilitate quicker downloads. After downloading, the resultant file needs to be de-compressed on your workstation. If you do not have a Zip decompression tool available, click here to download WinZip.

Microsoft Excel version: The spreadsheets have been tested on both Macintosh (OS 7.5 and later) and on Windows 95/98/2000, and XP machines. They have been tested with versions of Excel from 5.0 and later.  Please note that these spreadsheets are not compatible with Microsoft Works. If you do not have access to Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice contains a free spreadsheet that is about 90% compatible with Microsoft Excel. OpenOffice is a free download from Sun Microsystems on the Internet.

PLEASE NOTE! More specific information on using and customizing the spreadsheet is contained in the spreadsheet's Instructions worksheet. Please read this page before you begin using the spreadsheets!



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